Terms of Use

1. By opening a membership over www.begoobegir.com, you verify, that you accept below stated conditions.

2. www.beboobegir.com gives a private postal address from Turkey. This address is in Istanbul.

3. When you can use our services, you can orient the packages the private address which we give you.The team of begoobegir will take your packages in your name,send you mail, fulfill your requests on your packages.After send request ,the team send your packages to the delivery address.

4. www.begoobegircom members are responsible to pay all costs such as taxes, customs taxes, service fees, transport fees.

5. www.begoobegir.com members are authorise the begoobegir to collect the prices for using services with our web sites.

6. The price of package delivery, will be calculated according to the volume or weight of the package. Before giving order, www.begoobegir.com members accepted total charges required for payments for their package.

7. Your package will be stored 90 days free.You can use this time to let wait and gather your other packages. For each kg over the 30 days, 0.20$ will be charged.The packages sent to our Office will be forwarded to other corporation for shipping. In this case,for each kg of forwarded packages 1$ will be charged also under 5 kg packages, the minimum charge is 5$ . The duration of storage is 90 days at the most. In case of excess this time, our members will be contacted for sending of the package.The members who demanded cancellation of the post have to pay the storage fee.After that, their packages will be destroyed by our team.

8. Shipping costs are calculated by considering the weight of the packages. The volumetric (dimensional) weight of the package, the volumetric weight is calculated and this weight is charged. Volumetric weight will be calculated by length x height x depth /166 formula. If the volumetric weight of the package is more than the physical weight of the package, the volumetric weight will be taken into consideration.

9. All the packages sent to begoobegir will be opened in order to control by our team. This is general security as well as our team defects inaccurate and incomplete products.

10. If the gold members should require to cancel the membership,This fee is not refunded. www.begoobegir.com has the right to cast away the packages of the members, whose package are not sent and cancelled their membership.

11. If the member does not pay more than 30 days for the purchased services, begoobegir.com has the right to cancel the articles regarding to the conditions of use.In this case, begoobegir.com has the right to destroy the packages.In this stuation, the member can not claim or demand the return or destruction of the packages in the mailbox.

12. Your membership begins when you are registered the begoobegir.com. When you press “I accept the membership contract” button , you have accepted the articles in this contract.

13. www.begoobegir.com members must be subject according to the customs and air transport rules in your country and Turkey. Begoobegir.com members are not use our service to bring illegal or prohibited products.The responsibility of all type of problems and penal sanctions regarding to these problems, belong to the customer.

14. Begoobegir.com is not responsible for out-off control service interruptions(electricity, internet, satellite connections, etc).

15. Through Begoobegir.com,
– Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages
– Weapons
– Live – lifeless animal
– Human organs
– Culture and nature assets
– Plants and fresh flowers
– Frozen products
– Anti-religious or any discriminatory products
– Ivory
– Prescription drugs
– Tools for providing narcotics and drugs
– Flammable and explosive substances
– Food Stocks, bonds, bonds
– Money
– Antiques
– Chemical materials
– Foreign currency, check, promissory note
– Radioactive substances

The products are listed above are prohibited to shop online and/or ship by the undersecretariat of customs published on 19.04.2011.

16. www.begoobegir.com has the right to change or cancel the articles regarding to the conditions of use.Please, Check the terms of use at regular intervals. You will be deemed to accept the actualized conditions as long as you use www.begoobegir.com website.

17. According to the laws in your country and Turkey, any legal consequences that may constitute a criminal offense completely belong to begoobegir.com member.

18. The parties have the right to cancel this agreement in written (e-mail). As long as there is no demand, membership will remain active and will be renewed regularly.